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From the producers of Naked and Afraid comes 100 Miles from Nowhere, an Animal Planet series that follows adventurer Matt Galland and his two best buddies, Danny Bryson and Blake Josephson.

In each episode, the trio of fun-loving regular guys chooses remote, extreme locations throughout the globe where cameras - let alone people - rarely have gone. Matt, Danny and Blake's mission is straightforward: to get off life's usual humdrum path for a more exciting, daring and off-the-beaten one. In just three or four days, the guys trek approximately 100 miles and burn up to 10,000 calories on foot, raft, skis and even skateboard while they document and shoot their own escapades with absolutely no crew. Every single second on the ground is self-shot. Each expedition causes major wear and tear on their bodies, so the guys must reach their bear box drops, which are pre-arranged at set points to replenish their supplies, strength and stamina. Their incredible journeys take them to extreme landscapes - including steep mountains, insufferably hot deserts, freezing-cold canyons and snake-infested jungles. They push their endurance to the limit and sometimes even their friendship. The quests are never easy and are sometimes dangerous, but they always are packed with thrilling surprises and breathtaking footage of the planet's splendor.

100 Miles from Nowhere - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2015-04-05

100 Miles from Nowhere - Road to Nowhere - Netflix

“Road to Nowhere” is a rock song written by David Byrne for the 1985 Talking Heads album Little Creatures. It also appeared on Best of Talking Heads, Sand in the Vaseline: Popular Favorites, the Once in a Lifetime box set and the Brick box set. The song was released as a single in 1985 and reached number 25 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Tracks and number 6 in the British, German and South African singles charts. It also made number 8 on the Dutch Top 40.

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The Kalamazoo, Michigan based bluegrass band Greensky Bluegrass recorded a version of this tune on their 2007 release Live at Bell's. The British a cappella group The Flying Pickets covered the song on the album The Original Flying Pickets. The French band Indochine recorded a cover to support Reporters Sans Frontières. The French band Nouvelle Vague recorded a cover for their 2009 album 3. The song was featured in the 2008 documentary Young@Heart. Australian singer-songwriter Sarah Blasko uses the lyrics and composition to end her song “Over & Over” on her 2009 album As Day Follows Night. The song appeared during the ending credits to the 1989 movie Little Monsters. The song also appears in the 1994 movie Reality Bites and during the ending credits to the 2018 movie Transit (2018 film) adapted from the eponymous novel by Anna Seghers. The Mystery Science Theater 3000 riffing of Hobgoblins has Tom Servo crooning the first verse over the background music playing inside a room (a trap) as the movie lot security guard runs inside to fulfill his rock-star fantasy. The song accompanies the end-credits of the 2008 movie Religulous. John Nolan of Straylight Run and Taking Back Sunday covered the song on his 2010 EP, Songs I Didn't Write. Charlie Crist, in his unsuccessful 2010 run for the U.S. Senate in Florida, used the song in a campaign video without obtaining permission. David Byrne sued for copyright infringement and, in a legal settlement, Crist issued a video apology for his improper use. A cover of the song was used in the Season 1 finale of Shameless. A cover of the song by Release the Sunbird was featured in the series finale of the television series Gossip Girl, as well as their 2012 album Imaginary Summer. The song plays at the end credits of Christian Petzold's 2018 film Transit, based on Anna Seghers' novel of the same name.

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