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Dag is a Norwegian drama/comedy show starring Atle Antonsen as Dag, he is a marital therapist, and he does not have much faith in people or marriage, he lives isolated and alone, and feels that everyone should embrace living like this.

While Dag does his best to maintain his anonymous and withdrawn lifestyle intact, he has to suffer his hopeless friend Benedict, his sensitive sister Marianne, his psycho secretary Malin and numerous of crazy patients.\ Yet everything changes when Marianne's friend Eva suddenly shows up and finally puts some feelings into work with the otherwise cold Dag

Dag - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Norwegian

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2010-09-30

Dag - Dag (name) - Netflix

Dag is a masculine Scandinavian given name derived from the Old Norse dagr, meaning “day” (or the name of the god Dagr, a personification of the day), most commonly used in Norway and Sweden. In Sweden, September 16 is Dag's Name Day. Dag is uncommon as a surname. People with the name Dag include:

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Dag Terje Andersen (b. 1957), Norwegian politician Dag Arnesen (b. 1950), Norwegian jazz musician Dag Berggrav (1925–2003), Norwegian jurist, civil servant and sports administrator Dag Bjørndalen (b. 1970), former Norwegian biathlete Dag Fornæss (b. 1948), Norwegian, former speed skater Dag Frøland (1945–2010), Norwegian comedian, revue artist and singer Dag Gundersen (1928–2016), Norwegian linguist and lexicographer Dag Hammarskjöld (1905–1961), Swedish UN General Secretary (1953–1961) Dag Hartelius (b. 1955), Swedish diplomat Dag Herbjørnsrud (b. 1971), Norwegian, former editor-in-chief of the Norwegian weekly news magazine Ny Tid Dag Heward-Mills (b. 1963), Ghanaian Christian evangelist and author Dag Ingebrigtsen (b. 1958), Norwegian musician Dag Otto Lauritzen (b. 1956), Norwegian cyclist Dag Alexander Olsen (b. 1989), Norwegian footballer Dag Palovic (b. 1975), Slovakian Pokerstars Team Pro Member Dag Erik Pedersen (b. 1959), Norwegian cyclist Dag Prawitz (b. 1936), Swedish philosopher and logician Dag Ringsson (?–?), Norwegian, member of Olav Haraldsson's army at the battle of Stiklest Dag Schjelderup-Ebbe (1926–2013), Norwegian musicologist, composer, music critic and biographer Dag Solstad (b. 1941), Norwegian author Dag Spantell (b. 1950), Norwegian singer Dag Volle (1963–1998) (Denniz Pop), Swedish pop music producer Dag Wennlund, (b. 1963) Swedish javelin thrower Dag C. Weberg (b. 1937), Norwegian politician Dag Wirén (1905–1986), Swedish composer

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